My research focuses on multi-faceted procedural content generation, where I develop methods at the interplay of level design, sound design and visuals.


Sonancia is my current project and consists of a multi-faceted generator for the horror genre. Designers or the system itself can define specific progressions of how the tension of the level should rise and fall. The Sonancia generator will generator levels and their soundscapes adhering to the parameters defined. More details on the Sonancia system can be found here. A full playable demo of the game is also available.

Geometry Friends

Geometry Friends is a 2 player cooperative physics-based puzzle game, where players must work together in order to solve the puzzles. An AI framework was developed for the game and can be found here. Geometry Friends is an official IEEE CIG competition.

Traveling Percurssionist

The Traveling Percussionist is an audio tool capable of creating drum patterns based on a pattern defined by musicians and a progression. The system uses the entire genetic process and a path-finding algorithm as the generated music.